I just created my first external password share and I also saw that this event comes up in the log which is great!
I can't help but feel that this can be further enhanced if there was an actual alert for passwords being viewed and sending an email or webhook.
As an alternative though which I think would be even better (but low priority and I guess hard to implement) would be when a PSA is defined, we can add an additional field of "Ticket Number" whilst creating the share link.
Then, when the link is viewed, we could either (or both):
a) Have an internal note added to the ticket saying "Password [title] has been viewed by a user from [ip] on [date/time]"
b) Have a public note added that will get added to the ticket as normal entry, targeted towards the ticket raiser saying "Dear user - this is a notification that a password which was previously sent to you has just been opened. If you did not open this, please immediately respond or call xxx to notify us"